Pirelli: All the numbers from 2014


Last year we faced the biggest challenge that we had experienced since entering the sport, thanks to a completely new generation of cars that featured very different characteristics to before.
This year’s tyres will be evolutions of the 2014 tyres, with just one completely new t yre: the supersoft, which has a fresh rear construction and compound. The 2015 tyre range will be on track at Jerez in just a few days from now, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy looking back on the classic 2014 season from a tyre point of view.


• Total number of tyres supplied in 2014: 38,168
• Of these, 32,772 have been for race w eekends and 5,396 for testing
• Of these 38,168 tyres, 26,364 were slicks and 11,804 were rain tyres
• Total number of tyres actually used in race weekends: 20,028 : of whi ch 17,844 were slicks and 2,184 were rain tyres
• Total number of tyres that were recycled: all of them

Pit Stops

• Total number of pit stops: 817 (of these, 5 were drive - through penalties and 3 were stop and go penalties). An average of 43 per race and 2.02 per driver /race
• Highest number of pit stops in one race: 79 in the Japanese Grand Prix
• Lowest number of pit stops in one race: 23 in the Italian and Russian Grands Prix


• Total number of overtaking manoeuvres: 636 (*) - an average of 33 per race
• H ighest number of overtaking manoeuvres in a dry race: 65 in the German Grand Prix
• Highest number of overtaking manoeuvres in a wet race: 49 in the Hungarian Grand Prix (all started on Interm ediate , then changed to slicks)
• Lowest number of overtaking manoeu vres in a dry race: 7 in the Monaco Grand Prix
(*) Overtaking criteria: every position change during flying laps (first lap excluded) kept until the finish line. Lapping/unlapping is excluded, passes on drivers suffering from mechanical problems are exclud ed as well (i.e.: all passes on Rosberg in Abu Dhabi)

Circuits and races

• Longest race of the year: Singapore, 2 hours, 0 minutes, 04.795 seconds
• Shortest race of the year: Italy, 1 h our, 19 minutes, 10.236 seconds
• Highest number of kms on ea ch Pirelli c ompound: Hard - Bottas ( 3 , 544 km ) Medium - Hamilton ( 8 , 230 km ) Soft - Gutierrez ( 7 , 011 km ) Supersoft - Perez ( 2 , 846 km ) Intermediate - Hamilton ( 1 , 142 km ) Wet - Hamilton ( 469 km )
• Highest speed reached by a P Zero Formula One tyre in 2014: 362.1 kph (Daniel Riccia rdo at the Italian Grand Prix)
• Highest number of fastest laps: 16 Nico Rosberg ( 5 in races and 11 in qualifying)
• • Highest total number of laps in the lead on Pirelli tyres: 495 (Lewis Hamilton)
• Number of races in which the pole position record was br oken: 1 (Nico Rosbe rg at the Brazilian Grand Prix)
• Number of races in which the fastest race lap record was broken: none


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