Honda in the dark about 2015 'tokens'


Honda has locked in McLaren's power unit for the 2015 Formula One season still unsure about how many 'tokens' it will have.

Honda has completed only a fraction of the running of frontrunners like Mercedes over the Jerez and Barcelona tests, but on Saturday the FIA's deadline fell and the Japanese marque duly presented its turbo V6 package for homologation.

Rival manufacturers Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari have each been allowed 32 performance 'tokens' by the FIA that can be deployed at will throughout 2015.

But whether or not those tokens are spent before Melbourne will directly affect Honda.

That is because the FIA has said Honda can also join the 2015 'unfreeze', but only in a limited way.

If the average amount of tokens unused by the 2014 suppliers in Melbourne is 10, Honda will have 10 tokens to deploy this season.

"We do not know what tokens we will have, because we do not know yet what the others have used," Honda chief Yasuhisa Arai said.

According to sources, Mercedes is travelling to Melbourne with at least a handful of tokens left in the bank.

"Most likely," Renault's Remi Taffin commented in Barcelona, "Mercedes and Ferrari will have a similar approach.

"I cannot imagine that they have used up all the tokens in two months."

Putting a brave face on McLaren-Honda's obvious winter troubles, Arai insisted the base of the 2015 power unit is "good".

"We have solved many things and it is fully homologated," he added.

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