Pirelli announces initial tyre choices


Formula One tyre supplier Pirelli has announced the compound choices for the first four races of the 2015 season.

In the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, the Italian manufacturer will use the soft and medium compounds, "well-suited to the varied demands and wide range of potential weather conditions experienced at the semi-permanent Albert Park facility in Melbourne," according to Pirelli.

The medium and hard compounds will be used in the second round in Malaysia.

The soft and the medium tyres will return in the third race in China and will be used again in Bahrain.

All the choices are the same as in 2014, although Pirelli says its tyres have evolved to distribute forces and temperatures more evenly.

Tyre choices so far

P Zero Red P Zero Yellow P Zero White P Zero Orange
Australia Soft Medium
Malaysia Medium Hard
China Soft Medium
Bahrain Soft Medium


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