Honda holding back on using tokens

McLaren Honda

McLaren's engine supplier Honda has decided to hold back on using Formula 1 engine development tokens for now, despite seeking a step forward at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Japanese manufacturer announced it is introducing updates to its engine for the first race of the European season.

But despite the struggles of the first four races, Honda is yet to use any of the nine allocated tokens that it was granted for engine development throughout the year.

Instead, Honda is introducing software updates for Barcelona, hoping to improve the reliability and the driveability of its power unit.

"Contrary to all the hype before the Spanish GP, Honda has not used any tokens for updates," a Honda spokesperson told

"Slight changes have been applied to increase the toughness/reliability of the power unit.

"And driveability is more software tweaks to match the power unit to the circuit and make it easier for the drivers to handle the car."

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