GPRO Analyzer

GPRO Analyzer is a tool designed for the GPRO managers. The main objective is to gather the most important data, and provide online statistical analysis to the manager in a very usable way. Collected data and analysis can be shared with other managers.

Software for gathering data works only on Windows operating systems. It does not require any additional software to be installed on your computer.

Update should be done twice per race. First (Pre-Race), after qualification and before a race. Second (Post-Race), after a race. You have to finish the race to be able to do Post-Race update.

How to update

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to perform a Pre-Race or Post-Race update:

1 Download the software for gathering data (Latest version: 1.42 - July 12, 2024). The setup version comes with an installer. The standalone version doesn't require installation and will work straight away after extracting from the archive.

Download - Setup Download - Standalone

2 Enter your GPRO Analyzer login information.

GPRO Analyzer

3 Enter your GPRO API access token.

In order to obtain the GPRO API access token login to your GPRO account over Navigate to "Miscellaneous" on the left menu. Select "API access" to open the API access page. Copy the existing API access token, or create a new one.

GPRO Analyzer

4 Click on the "Pre-Race" button for Pre-Race update. Click on the "Post-Race" button for Post-Race update.

GPRO Analyzer

5 Click on the "Update Gadgets Data" button to automatically load data from GPRO into the gadgets.

GPRO Analyzer